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The Girl on the Train

Almost Famous Theatre Production

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About The Play

~ Synopsis ~

Rachel's innocent people watching on the train gets her wrapped up into a murder mystery.

But who will believe and trust a troubled female investigating her


My Role

~ Sound Design & Assistant Sound Operator ~

My main role during this play was to find and create suitable sound effects to bring the play to life.

My secondary role within in this role to help with the sound operator. This involved me preparing cue lists with note to pass onto the sound operator ready for the show.

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Sound Effects

~ Cue Lists & Voice-over ~

This was such a big project (126 cues!!), and in fact this project that led me to a degree change, into sound engineering!

This project consisted of finding sound effect, making foley sounds, using voiceovers, using music for tense scenes, timing the ‘beats’ accurately throughout to achieve the tense effect needed along with all the other sound effects.

Assistant Sound Operator

~ Paperwork ~

Being assistant sound operator meant I needed to make sure my sound effects I have prepared was easy for the sound operator to follow.

To make this as easy as possible I created multiple different documents including:

  • How many times the sound effect was used throughout the play

  • Into 

  • And most importantly in order so the Sound Operator can load the sound effects into Q-Lab in the correct order

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