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Langworthy Live





Langworthy Live is a one-day long festival and I was given the chance to not only be the lead sound engineer for one venue but to be paid as well!!

This is such a big milestone in my freelance work and it was so rewarding.

My Role

~Lead Technician~

I was the main Sound Engineer for a mixture of different genres of music from solo acoustic to a group of 5 people playing synthesisers.

This was scary at the start as I had only done this with a professional on hand or in class.

But by the time I had done a few acts and I was used to the desk (that I had never used before) I felt much more confident and started enjoying the festival and working with talented acts.



~What I Did~

I started by moving all the equipment (speakers, desk, mic stands etc) into the venue that I was working and getting all set-up ready for the first band to come in at 2pm. In total I was the sound engineer for 9 acts where I helped set up (microphones, microphone stands, DI boxes etc), did line and sound checks before each performance, mixed the performance down during both on the desk and on an iPad so I can get all angles and alter the sound and levels more precisely. 


~Synthesisers & Cable Management~

This festival had such a range of different acts and one that was particularly difficult was a band with a total of 5 synthesisers. I had never worked with synthesisers but it was as simple as using a DI box and the band sub-mixed and gave me a line feed.

With the amount of synthesisers and range of instruments in general throughout cable management was a struggle with the small change over times.

This got confusing with the different cables and next time I am going to make sure to take extra care and bring different coloured electric tape so I can identify the cables quickly and easily.

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