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Sounds From The Other City





Sounds From the other City is a festival of new music and art.

Based in Salford, Greater Manchester scene, taking place in the pubs, churches, studios, warehouses and 'in-between' spaces of Chapel Street.

From DJ Tents to 2017’s Mercury Music Prize winner Sampha, SFTOC has it all!

    My Role

    ~Sound Engineer~

    Being my first time doing a music festival I was very much in the deep end but nevertheless I still got stuck in!! During my time I had a sound engineer on hand so I can learn from a professional. I did tasks like building stages, helping with sound checks, meeting and greeting the performers and generally checking levels throughout their sets. 


    Stage Building & Speaker Placement

    ~DJ set~

    I learnt all about speakers and how important placement is and how it can affect the performance. 

    With this being a DJ tent the performers mostly mixed throughout their own sets but to make their jobs easier I had to think about the set up so make sure everything is plugged in correctly, make sure it all works, make sure it’s set in order to make it easier for the djs to work around (separate the turntables).

    Set Changes & Microphones

    ~Condensor Microphone~

    Another one of my responsibilities included helping do the set changes to ensure that each band goes up in time. 

    Most of the sets were simple but one performance in particular had an extra microphone. A condenser microphone to be precise, this is where I learnt that condensor microphones are the best microphone for sensitivity so for a soft drum like photographed is perfect!!

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