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Sounds From The Other City





Sounds From the other City is a festival of new music and art.

Based in Salford, Greater Manchester scene, taking place in the pubs, churches, studios, warehouses and 'in-between' spaces of Chapel Street.

From DJ Tents to 2017’s Mercury Music Prize winner Sampha, SFTOC has it all!

My Role

~Sound Engineer~

Working SFTOC in 2023 felt much easier as I had already done nearly a year in sound engineering so I felt like I knew more than I did the first year I did SFTOC. 

During my time in 2023 I predominately did the sound checks and checked levels throughout. 

This year I was in a different venue from last year so I had so much more to consider both the how a bigger venue is effected and the different types of genres.


Room Size

~Frequencies & Instruments~

This venue was a lot bigger that the DJ tent and was inside so there were a lot more things to consider when mixing the bands live and doing sound checks. Especially during the sound checks we needed to think about how different instruments sound in a bigger venue and to suit the genre of music. 

For example one band we had in had different types of percussion instruments so we needed to get rid of the bad frequencies that came with the wind instruments. 

Working with first timers

~Extra Patience Required~

One of the performers I worked with, it was their first ever live set so I had to be patient and make sure to help as much as I can. This also meant we needed to be conscious of the time as they were new they were unsure when it came to the sound check eg. how much of the vocals each monitor wanted how much reverb on the lead vocal etc. 

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