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A Doll's House

Almost Famous Theatre Production

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About The Play

~ Synopsis ~

'A Doll's House' is a play set in the 1879 about a stereotypical house wife who sticks the traditional role of house wife throughout her marriage until she has to illegally take out a loan to save her husband.

But later realises that her husband has been using her like a doll to please himself.

My Role

~ Sound Designer & Sound Operator ~

I took on both Sound Design and operator during this play.

For the sound design I had to both find a pre-recordings of the sound effect or make a foley sound effect(s) if not already sourced. To make this easier I went through the script and complied a list of sound effect including how many repeats are used.

For this production, there wasn't a designated sound operator, so I took on this role alongside designer. This worked well because I did the cue lists for the show so was prepared. We did however has a DSM but they focused on calling the lighting cue as the light operator was fairly new.


~ Trial and Error ~

This play I worked on was a lot of trial and error within ‘tech week’. As you can see, my cues went from 93 to 29!!


After discussion with the production managers and careful consideration I went through the script multiple times and cut out the unnecessary sound cues. 

For example, most of the cuts consisted of doors opening and closing of doors. My production managers and myself agreed that this would be unnecessary as we can see on stage when the characters are leaving and entering.


However, sound effects of a door closing in the distance were necessary and created tension within the scenes. 

Sound Operating

~ Q-Lab ~

During this play, I was given the position to be both the Sound Designer and Operator.

As I was the sound operating I needed to ensure I was prepared to make sure the sound effect went out on time.

To ensure this I created Cue lists

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