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Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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Originally I applied to be a technician but during my training weekend the company asked if I would like to take on the role of technical management Aswell!! 

Week I was a technician and the second week I was a technical manager. 

Both roles were equally rewarding! 

My Role

~Technician & Technical Manager~

When I was a technician my responsibilities include loading up show files both sound and lights, focusing/refocusing lights, helping with stage set up and communicating when the audience is allowed to start coming through. 

During fit-ups my responsibilities were to fill in the tech paperwork so it’s easy for any technician to set up even if they’ve never seen the show before; to help set up and sometime make lighting and sound files and to show the company where everything is. 



~Learning to focus lights~

One of the skills I’m most proud of that I learnt during my time at the Edinburgh fringe is how to focus lights! 

With my course I don’t get a chance to play with lighting as it’s purely sound and audio so after a few one to one lessons and putting it into practice I can confidentially say I can focus lights into multiple shapes! 


~Rota-ing & Responsibilities~

I am so unbelievably proud of myself for get management in my first year of working with paradise green and I would like to say I did a good job at it!! 

During my time as management I had 3/4 staff on at a time and 5 different venues to manage, this meant that I needed to have a perfect rota so that everything ran smoothly. This included thinking about different peoples abilities (how experienced they are), putting people on shows that they are comfortable with (maybe done before or if they would rather do a more straight forward show than a complex one) whilst also making sure everyone gets a break! Whilst being a manager if there was a problem whether it’s during a show or during the get-in I would have to go and trouble shoot the problem. 

And lastly one other responsibility I had was to make sure every venue had been powered up and powered down correctly ready for the day/next day. 

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