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Student Woman of the Year (2023)

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This was such a fun mini project and so weird to be infront of a camera rather than editing audio!!

The video above was my application to UniDays Student Woman of the Year (2023) competition.

believe this project was educational to see how it works and feels to be infront of the camera and was a good opportunity to show my achievements so far in the year 2023 and how I plan to grow.


Hi, I’m Caitlin Brackenridge, and this is why I should be student woman of the year. 


Although I am a woman studying in the male dominant industry I have already proven my place within.


Since I’ve started university, I have been the sound designer and engineer for two plays one live music show and I have also helped out at (Sounds From The Other City) 


Although I am very proud of my achievements, so far many females like myself can find themselves with imposter syndrome. 

By winning this money, I would like to take my placement year abroad and have my business logo on my clothing.

I feel by doing this I will be more confident within the industry and I can continue breaking boundaries and embracing diversity.

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