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Christmas Cabaret

Almost Famous Theatre Production


About The Show

~ Overview ~

Christmas Cabaret is a live music event where members from the Almost Famous Theatre Company come together to perform a range of Christmas songs and Musical numbers.

My Role

~ Sound Operator ~

Over Christmas, I was headhunted to be the sound operator for “Almost Famous Theatre Company’s” Christmas Cabaret.

My main role within the show was to monitor the levels during the show and make sure the show runs smoothly.

With the project I explored different features within “qLab” including editing audio and making sure the show runs as smoothly as possible.


Editing Audio

~ Time Stamps & Cutting Audio ~

During the preparation for the show we sent out a form to all performers asking them to provide backing tracks and time stamps for their songs they are wanting to perform.

One example show in the photo to the left is 

"The World Was Wide Enough" - Hamilton

The performers that were doing this song requested the only audio they wanted in this song was the instrumental part.

I was given the time stamps and cut the audio in Q-Lab to ensure the performers could do their rap/drama piece during the instrumental of the well know Hamilton song. 


~ Smooth Running Show ~

I felt the Outro's were really important to ensure the show run as smoothly as possible.


Originally I set the outro to be 30 seconds but during tech week we had some difficulties doing the set changes within a short amount of time.


Therefore changed it to 45-60seconds. 

To make this a more 'smooth sailing' transition I added a fade and stop rather than an abrupt stop. 

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 18.58.47.png
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