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Music Video

Shock Radio Birthday Music Video

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Shock Radio is a student based radio station based in the University of Salford.

Originally I went in to ask about taking on the drop in technician for their station and when I was speaking to the technical manager about more hands on work he immediately asked if I would like to be involved in recording their "birthday music video"

In which I was more than happy to do!

My Role

~Technical Producer~

My role for this project was both Sound 

Engineer and Technical Producer.​

I was mainly the technical producer as I involved another person to help with the mixing and mastering.

My role included organising the session, booking the studio, booking the equipment, communicating with the artist on a professional level and asking questions to help make the session run smoothly, setting up the live room, setting up the desk, setting up a protools session, doing sound checks, recording the takes, creating playlists, setting up a countdown, and communicating to the artist via artist foldback and giving feedback on the takes and asking how the artist is feeling.

Whatsapp txt.png
Whatsapp txt.png

Recording a Song

~Studio Recordings~

This was a simple set up so it ran very smoothly.

Because we had already communicated loads before the session everything was already set up before the artist came in and I even brought through a spare guitar just incase!

For this song we only used:

vocals, acoustic guitar, and last minute tambourine.

The artist was very professional so this made the session so much easier.

We did a few takes of each element and even did a few takes on a baseline to add more 'oomph'

The Fun Bits


This session was incredibly fun!

As the artist was very professional, recording the song was very straight forward and left us with extra time in the studios.

The artist then asked if we could add layers so we added a baseline then both the artist and the producer thought we needed something 'jingly' so I went to the kit store and we had one tambourine which was perfect!

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